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We are the premier soccer club in Calvert County.  Our community based organization offers your son or daughter the opportunity to learn how to be a better soccer player and improve their skills in a fun and friendly environment.  Our three levels of program offerings (Rec, RecPlus, Travel) are unmatched and will allow your child to develop at their own rate and continue to be challenged. CSA is also the ONLY recognized club in Calvert for all the local and top level leagues (NCSL, WAGS, BBSL, CMSSL, ...). We look forward to having you join us.

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US Youth Soccer Board approves U.S. Soccer mandates
US Youth Soccer Board of Directors approves implementation of U.S....
Changes Coming to Youth Soccer in 2016
Age Group and Small-Sided Games Mandate from U.S. Soccer Click to...
Rec Plus Supplemental Tryouts U14 Coed
  Rec Plus Supplemental Tryouts U14 Coed CSA Rec Plus...
CSA Announces Concussion Management Policy
The Policy adopted by the Board of Directors of the Calvert Soccer...
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CSA has joined with Amazon Smile. If you shop on Amazon register...
Grading Begins At CSA Park
CSA, celebrating its 30th year, is proud to announce it has begun...
US Youth Soccer Board approves U.S. Soccer mandates

US Youth Soccer Board of Directors approves implementation of U.S. Soccer mandates

Birth-year registration to be implemented in 2016-17
Two-year phase in to occur for Small-Sides Games

FRISCO, Texas (Sept. 1, 2015) ­— The US Youth Soccer Board of Directors has approved the implementation of age group registration by calendar year, as mandated by the U.S. Soccer Federation.

First announced on Aug. 24 as part of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Initiatives, the registration of youth soccer players nationwide will shift to calendar-year age grouping, as opposed to the current school-year age grouping. The board approved a motion for US Youth Soccer programs and competitions to introduce the change to calendar-year registration for the 2016-17 soccer year.

The US Youth Soccer programs and competitions that will introduce the birth-year registration in the 2016-17 soccer year include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • US Youth Soccer National Championships Series — including national, regional and state competitions
  • US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup — including national, regional and state competitions
  • US Youth Soccer National League
  • US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues
  • US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program

The board is encouraging US Youth Soccer State Associations to transition as they deem necessary to accommodate their soccer landscape at the local level.

The board also approved a two-year phase in for the Small-Sides Games mandate. The 2016-17 soccer year will serve as a transition year to the U.S. Soccer specifications on the US Youth Soccer programs listed above, and the Small-Sides Games requirements will be fully implemented for the 2017-18 soccer year.

These U.S. Soccer coaching initiatives, which will be mandated by August of 2017, are focused on advancing youth players’ individual skill and intelligence, and providing players with the best opportunity to improve.  

You can read more information on the U.S. Soccer Coaching Initiatives on USYouthSoccer.org andussoccer.com.

by posted 09/01/2015
Changes Coming to Youth Soccer in 2016

Age Group and Small-Sided Games Mandate from U.S. Soccer
Click to view official press release from U.S. Soccer

FRISCO, Texas (August 24, 2015) — Next year, the world of youth soccer will continue its evolution as all members of U.S. Soccer will begin to transition on two key factors to encourage further youth development. The first change will be the nationwide adoption of Small-Sided Games and the second will be a shift from school-year to calendar year for the age grouping of teams.

"With these initiatives, we’re more likely to have players better prepared down the road," said Tab Ramos, U.S. Youth Technical Director and U-20 Men’s National Team head coach. "With small-sided standards, what we're trying to do is to help players develop by putting them in an environment where they are constantly involved in the play, and our changes in birth-year registration will make age groups easier to understand, while aligning our calendar with the international calendar."

US Youth Soccer, the largest member of U.S. Soccer, will assist members with information on these changes through the national office and our 55 member State Associations.

US Youth Soccer director of coaching education and long-time advocate of Small-Sided Games, Sam Snow acknowledged, “Since the mid 1980’s US Youth Soccer has been an advocate for Small-Sided Games. Why? The many benefits to the players and even to novice coaches are clear. With fewer players on the field making quick tactical decisions is easier. Players are in the vicinity of the ball more often which engages them in all four components of the game. The players are realistically exposed to the principles of play frequently. In short, Small-Sided Games will accelerate the development of American soccer players.”

Small-Sided Games

Small-Sided Games will be mandated come August of 2017, with specific changes occurring in regard to alterations to the field size, goals and rules. The result will be a decrease in 11-vs-11 competitions in lieu of more 9-vs-9 and 7-vs-7 competitions. U.S. Soccer will encourage the adoption of Small-Sided Games best practices in August of 2016. US Youth Soccer has been encouraging Small-Sided Games for more than 20 years and most of the 55 member State Associations have adopted the philosophy during that time.

The benefits of Small-Sided Games for players include more fun, more touches on the ball and more tactical decisions. The style of play will allow players to learn different positions, learn tactics quicker, increase fitness and allow players to be more emotionally and socially involved — creating a more fun and enjoyable game. 

Small-Sided Games FAQ: [Download PDF]
Small-Sides Games USSF Standards Chart: [Download PDF]

"What we’re trying to do is to help players develop by putting them in an environment where they are constantly involved in the play," Ramos said. "That could be with the ball and that could be without the ball, but when you make things small-sided, everyone is somehow involved in the play, whether that’s in defending, in cutting angles, in cutting the ball back, you’re always in the play."

Calendar Year

Effective August 2017, the grouping of players will also change nationwide, with encouraged adoption of best practices in August of 2016. U.S. Soccer will go back to calendar birth years to align with international standards and Youth National Team programs.

US Youth Soccer will implement the best practice of calendar year age grouping for player registration beginning with the 2016-2017 soccer year for US Youth Soccer programs and competitions.

Using the school calendar for age groups is practiced only in the United States and Canada; as all other FIFA members go by the calendar year. 

Previously, age groups were determined based on players born between Aug. 1 and July 31. The change to calendar year age groups will reflect the calendar year, or Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Players are still allowed to “play up” or play in an older age group.

US Youth Soccer, a respected leader in player development for more than 40 years, has seen the evolution of the game and various changes. The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program has used the birth year for the grouping of players since it was established in 1977. In fact, the James P. McGuire Cup, the oldest trophy in youth sport, awarded at the annual US Youth Soccer National Championships also shows the history of teams named for their calendar year age group.

Calendar Year FAQ: [Download PDF]
Calendar Year Age Matrix 2016-2023 [Download PDF]

“Overall, the two things this accomplishes is it makes things easier and it gets us on the samecalendar with the rest of the world," Ramos said. "So now it becomes easier to identify for U.S. National Teams and everything else when it comes to international soccer.”

Click here for U.S. Soccer's official statement on the changes. More details will be provided as available regarding specific implementation for these mandates from U.S. Soccer.

by posted 08/27/2015
Rec Plus Supplemental Tryouts U14 Coed


Rec Plus Supplemental Tryouts

U14 Coed

CSA Rec Plus will be holding supplemental tryouts for the U14 Coed Age Group.

Ages: August 1, 2001 through July 31, 2003

When: Wednesday September 2nd @ 6:00pm

Where: Hallowing Point Park Field 13

For more information email

by posted 08/27/2015
CSA Announces Concussion Management Policy

The Policy adopted by the Board of Directors of the Calvert Soccer Association (CSA) will implement a standard operating procedure policy on managing and monitoring concussion injuries among athletes in CSA. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that occurs when a blow or force to the head or body is followed by a change in behavior or performance. This policy will be effective beginning with the 2015 spring season.

Concussions MUST be taken very seriously. Putting a player back in a game with a concussion --- even a mild one--- puts them at great risk for life-long disabilities and/or fatal consequences. A concussion must be fully healed before returning to action, and only a trained physician can make that call. Coaches must protect the player from further harm and immediately remove the player from action if any symptoms appear. It is important to note that some symptoms may not appear for 24 hours, so you should take a conservative approach if you witness any head trauma. Likewise, parents must support the decision of the coaches to remove players from games if injury is suspected.

by MarkMcCormick posted 01/18/2015
Shop and Give to CSA

CSA has joined with Amazon Smile. If you shop on Amazon register with Amazon Smile and choose Calvert Soccer Association as your charity and a portion of everything you buy will come back to CSA. Amazon Prime members will still enjoy all of the same benefits they normally get along with CSA getting benefit from your purchases. For more information about Amazon Smile, click HERE.

CSA is an IRS registered 501(c)3 public charity. All proceeds are used to offset costs of operations and programs.

posted 11/01/2014
Grading Begins At CSA Park

CSA, celebrating its 30th year, is proud to announce it has begun construction of CSA Park in Prince Frederick. CSA acquired the 16 acres on Arthur King Road from funds raised for the purpose of developing and improving the sports fields in Calvert County. Final plans are to build two shortsided and two fullsided size fields on the property along with parking. The two fullsided sized fields can each be configured to accomodate two shortsided sized fields for up to six total fields available. All fields will be fully irrigated and premium bermuda grass. Lighting will be added to fields as funding allows.

The new facility will not only be used to increase the inventory of fields available to CSA members for practices and games, but will also be used for showcase events, tournaments, and other special functions.

CSA currently plans to build in two phases based on availability of funds. In an effort to accelerate those plans CSA is accepting tax deductible donations. If you would like to help please use the Field Fund Donation button, if a donation letter or other tax related information is needed it can be obtained by emailing the  .

CSA is also offering opportunities for sponsorships, if interested in these opportunities please contact the  , Mark McCormick to discuss availability. Donations of materials or services will also be considered for sponsorship opportunities.

CSA would like to thank all of its current and former members as well as the local community for helping make this dream a reality.

by MarkMcCormick posted 07/28/2014
Field Status
BG&E Field - Lusby OPEN (9/2) 
Calverton Turf Field - Huntingtown OPEN (9/2) 
Calverton Veterans Field - Huntingtown OPEN (9/2) 
Church by the Chesapeake - Port Republic OPEN (9/2) 
Cove Point Park - Lusby OPEN (9/2) 
Dunkirk Park - Dunkirk OPEN (9/2) 
Gray's Field - Owings OPEN (9/2) 
Hallowing Point Park - Prince Frederick OPEN (9/2) 
HPP12 - Prince Frederick OPEN (9/2) 
Huntingtown High School - Huntingtown OPEN (9/2) 
Old Calvert Middle - Prince Frederick OPEN (9/2) 
SoccerPlex Field 18 - Boyds OPEN (9/2) 
Solomons Town Center - Dowell OPEN (9/2) 
St. John Vianney - Prince Frederick OPEN (9/2) 
St. Leonard Park - St. Leonard OPEN (9/2) 
Twin Shields Rec Area - Dunkirk OPEN (9/2) 
Windy Hill Elementary - Owings OPEN (9/2) 
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