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We are the premier soccer club in Calvert County.  Our community based organization offers your son or daughter the opportunity to learn how to be a better soccer player and improve their skills in a fun and friendly environment.  Our three levels of program offerings (Rec, RecPlus, Travel) are unmatched and will allow your child to develop at their own rate and continue to be challenged. CSA is also the ONLY recognized club in Calvert for all the local and top level leagues (NCSL, WAGS, BBSL, CMSSL, ...). We look forward to having you join us.

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CSA Players In National Spotlight
  CSA Players Achieve National Recognition   CSA...
CSA Recreation Division Adopts New Uniforms
  CSA Recreation Division Adopts New Uniforms After 32...
CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Registration Open
  CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Registration Open CSA Spring...
CSA Recreation Division Expands Academy Training Program
  CSA Expands Academy Training Program For Spring 2016 Due...
CSA Recreation Division Adopts USSF Age Group Changes For Spring
CSA Recreation Division Adopts USSF Age Groups For Spring 2016 Registration...
CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Coach Registration Open
CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Coach Registration Open For 32 years...
CSA Travel Division to Implement US Soccer Guidelines
  CSA Travel Division to Implement US Soccer Guidelines   Calvert...
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CSA has joined with Amazon Smile. If you shop on Amazon register...
CSA Joins NSCAA as Platinum Member Club
CSA has joined forces with National Soccer Coaches Association of...
Grading Begins At CSA Park
CSA, celebrating its 30th year, is proud to announce it has begun...



CSA is excited to announce a new 40,000 square foot "state of the art" indoor sports and fitness facility in Calvert County. CSA along with Calvert Sports and Learning are opening the facility at 200 Bugeye Square in the Calvert County Industrial Park on Route 231, Prince Frederick. CSA will provide 18,000 square feet of sport surface at the facility while Calvert Sports and Learning will offer fitness and training programs in an additional 22,000 square feet.

Doors are expected to open quickly as build out has already begun. This facility is sorely needed in Calvert County where programs struggle to find adequate indoor space. The space will not only meet the needs of CSA but will also benefit other sports programs as well. The facility will be able to support leagues, tournaments, group and individual training needs and resources.

More information about the facility and programs will be posted on our website at calvertsoccer.org.


by posted 02/10/2016
CSA Players In National Spotlight


CSA Players Achieve National Recognition


CSA is always proud to inform its members of the success that players achieve in life inside and outside of soccer. Over the past 18 months five players from CSA's Travel Division have been recognized for their soccer achievement and development by invitation to the U.S. Soccer Training Center. The U.S. Soccer Training Centers are run directly by U.S. Soccer and used to identify players for the Youth National Team player pool and are designed to replicate national team training camps.

As the National Governing Body of soccer in the United States, and under the auspices of the United States Olympic Committee, U.S. Soccer is empowered and charged with developing the teams that represent the United States in all international competitions including the Olympics and the World Cup. The Training Center Program is an integral part of this process.

The first player from CSA recognized and invited to attend was Savannah Hersh. Savannah was invited back two times and her hard work blazed a trail for others. Savannah was followed by Amy Nicholson who was invited numerous times until her age group aged out of the program at U15 while during this same time Julia Eliff was also recognized and invited back numerous times to showcase her development. After the success of Savannah, Amy, and Julia, Peyton Carney was invited to participate five times to showcase her talents at this high level. Sarah Eliff is the latest player to be invited and has been consistently invited to return during the past year including at least two evaluation sessions.

CSA congratulates Savannah, Amy, Julia, Peyton, and Sarah on all their accomplishments and looks forward to their continued success on and off the pitch.

by posted 02/04/2016
CSA Recreation Division Adopts New Uniforms


CSA Recreation Division Adopts New Uniforms

After 32 years it has finally happened. CSA Recreation has adopted new uniforms to replace the multiple colors that it has so greatly enjoyed in the past. While a difficult decision, it is one that CSA was forced to make. The primary reason for the change is simply that uniform manufacturers do not offer enough colors to continue to provide a different uniform to teams in most age groups. For that reason alone CSA will now provide a uniform kit that includes a Home and Away Jersey, Shorts, and Socks. See the attached flyer for details.

Using a standard uniform will have benefits. Standard uniforms will allow players to wear them for multiple years or be handed down to younger siblings or friends once out grown. The uniforms should last for several seasons based on quality. Extra uniforms can be kept on hand by CSA for late registrations or ordering mistakes avoiding the nightmare last minute expedited orders and delays distributing to players. Roster transfers when needed will be easier not having to coordinate uniform colors.

Not having to purchase a uniform each season will reduce the overall cost of participation. Future registrations will be reduced by the amount of the uniform unless one is needed. The new uniforms will be provided to every player this spring as part of registration. In future registrations there will be the option to add a uniform.

Information about the new uniforms can be found under "Recreation" / "Recreation Division Uniforms" on the calvertsoccer.org web site.


by posted 01/30/2016
CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Registration Open


CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Registration Open

CSA Spring 2016 Recreation registration is now open. Again this year CSA brings back the wildly popular Early-Bird discount. Receive a $10 discount if registered and paid by 1/20/16. Regular registration ends on 2/14/16 with a late fee of $20 after that date. Avoid paying up to $30 more and register early. There is also a family discount that applies when more than three family members register for programs. All family members count toward the discount even those that are volunteering (coaching). Volunteering members should register first in order for the discount to apply correctly.

We are looking forward to another great season of soccer and FUN.


by posted 01/01/2016
CSA Recreation Division Expands Academy Training Program


CSA Expands Academy Training Program For Spring 2016

Due to the popularity of the Recreation Academy Technical Training Program, CSA will now provide the training as part of the regular recreational season for some age groups. CSA started implementation of the training program several years ago when the Tykes program was modified and enhanced to focus on preparing youth for team play at U5 and U6. Recently additional technical training was offered to younger age groups and was very popular but scheduling conflicts made the training unavailable to some that would have liked to have participated. This year the technical training will be part of the U7 and U8 age groups and run by CSA Professional Coaching Staff along with High School, College, and Travel players. Sessions will be provided regionally on multiple nights so Team Coaches will still be able to pick the practice nights for their teams. The second night of practice during the week will remain team based. CSA is excited about implementing the new program and looks forward to possibly expanding the training to more age groups in the future.

by posted 12/30/2015
CSA Recreation Division Adopts USSF Age Group Changes For Spring

CSA Recreation Division Adopts USSF Age Groups For Spring 2016

Registration Opens January 1st !!!

Starting this spring CSA will register players based on the new guidelines adopted by US Soccer. Players are grouped by calendar year instead of the seasonal/school year as in the past. The new guidelines are mandatory for programs that are affiliated through the State Associations with US Youth Soccer and US Soccer. The Recreation Division is implementing the changes ahead of the RecPlus and Travel Divisions who will implement the changes for the seasonal year that begins in the Fall of 2016 as teams were already formed based on the old cutoff dates. 

The new cutoff dates will be the calendar year starting January 1st through December 31st instead of the sometimes confusing August 1st through July 31st. This means that some players that might have moved up an age group this year will actually stay in the same age group as last year. In order to lessen the impact of players that want to move along with classmates the Recreation Division will allow players born after September 1st of the previous year to play up to the next age group depending on availability.

Below is the list of age groups and birth year to help determine which age group to register for. The registration system will automatically place players in the correct age groups based on birth date. If any coaches that have already registered need to change which age group they signed up for please respond to this email so that the correction can be made.

Age Group Birth Year
Tykes 2012
U5 2011
U6 2010
U7 2009
U8 2008
U9/10 2006 - 2007
U11/12 2004 - 2005
U13/14 2002 - 2003
U15/18* 2001 - 1998


* High School Players Must Still Be In High School


by posted 12/27/2015
CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Coach Registration Open

CSA Spring 2016 Recreation Coach Registration Open

For 32 years CSA has offered recreation soccer in Calvert County and with over 1500 players in 2015 more than 250 volunteer coaches and assistants volunteered their valuable time to teach life lessons to the youth of Calvert through competition. CSA has always prided itself on providing resources to those that volunteer. This year through it's partnerships with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) and US Soccer, CSA will provide free training for all Head Coaches that currently do not have either an NSCAA Level 1 or USSF "F" license or better. To make the training simpler to obtain both are available entirely online and those that need the training will be provided registration information prior to team assignments. Both organizations also offer vast resources to those that have taken training or are registered.

We thank all of those that have volunteered in the past and hope that by continuing to support those that do you will choose to continue or consider volunteering for the first time. Some older age groups do fill up quickly but coaches are always needed and welcome at the younger ages. Coaches can be as young as 17 for the younger age groups or 16 with a parents assistance. It is a great way to earn volunteer hours for those that are interested and to learn leadership skills while having fun.

Please use the "Open Registration" button on the CSA website at calvertsoccer.org to register today!






by posted 12/09/2015
CSA Travel Division to Implement US Soccer Guidelines


CSA Travel Division to Implement US Soccer Guidelines


Calvert Soccer Association’s (CSA) Travel Committee (TC) along with the Travel Division Director of Coaching (DOC) are committed to keeping the parents and players of the Travel Division informed of its plan to address the recent announcement from United States Soccer Federation (USSF) with regards to the realigning of age groups to calendar years and the directive that all teams U12 and younger will play only short sided soccer with U9-U10 playing 7v7 and U11-U12 playing 9v9. This directive has to be in place by August 2017 according to the press release. To view the press releases from USSF please follow this link by clicking here.

CSA Travel Division fully supports this decision to help in the improvement and development of players in the USA. We fully understand the benefits of this plan and intend to implement the new directives in conjunction with the leagues and the state associations who also follow the USSF directives.

The plan is to minimize the impact(s) to existing teams, yet continue to grow and develop talent across our classic, select and premier levels of play.

The biggest changes will be at the short sided age groups (U9-U12).  Dependent on league and roster rules we will fully welcome the move from 8v8 to 9v9 with the U11-U12 age groups.   Starting with tryouts in June 2016 here is the implementation of the directive from USSF for August 2016 seasonal year:




Rising U9 (Calendar year 2007):

These will be new players to the travel division, with a potential mix of existing U9’s.  All players born in calendar year 2007 will be U9 players.

Rising U10 (Calendar year 2006), Rising U11 (Calendar year 2005), and Rising U12 (Calendar year 2004):

For the rising U10-U12 existing age groups decisions will be based on the skills and ability of the players.  Parents will be offered the opportunity to have their child tryout at their calendar age and/or tryout with the team age they are currently with if it is not the same as the child’s calendar age.   Players will then be offered team spots based on tryout results, and in accordance with the league rules which are still being decided at this time. Many leagues that CSA teams play in currently place restrictions on how many players can “play up” between the U9 and U12 age groups, so with consideration of these rules there may be an impact to existing teams, and new team formation.  Unfortunately this is out of CSA’s control.




Rising U13 (Calendar year 2003) through Rising U19 (Calendar Year 96)

For the older teams already playing full sided soccer at U13-U19 we will again assess each player at tryouts as we do now and then offer spots based on player skills and ability. The league restrictions on how many players can “play up” is generally not restricted by the leagues at the older ages. The ability for players to tryout in their calendar age group will be an option as will trying out for the age group above so they can “play up” if they have the ability to do so. The final determination made by the Coach, the Travel Committee and the Director of Coaching, will be based on a player’s ability.

All new players who are currently not associated with a CSA travel team will sign up to tryout for their appropriate calendar age per USSF but can request to also tryout for the older age group if they feel they can play at the older level, please note this is the same as today. Each new CSA travel player will be assessed based on the level of play they tryout for (classic, select, premier) with the final determination falling to the Coach, the Travel Committee and the Director of Coaching again as is the case today.

CSA as a club has strongly focused on player development and this can be seen by our impressive showing of CSA players represented at the state Olympic Development Program (ODP) level for Maryland State Youth Soccer Organization (MSYSA). The change of age groups will also align youth soccer in Maryland with the ODP program, and U.S. National Training Center going forward. We at CSA fully support this new directive from USSF, and see this helping CSA to continue to develop strong players.


CSA and the Travel Committee will update this information as changes occur with USSF, MSYSA and applicable leagues.

by posted 09/21/2015
Shop and Give to CSA

CSA has joined with Amazon Smile. If you shop on Amazon register with Amazon Smile and choose Calvert Soccer Association as your charity and a portion of everything you buy will come back to CSA. Amazon Prime members will still enjoy all of the same benefits they normally get along with CSA getting benefit from your purchases. For more information about Amazon Smile, click HERE.

CSA is an IRS registered 501(c)3 public charity. All proceeds are used to offset costs of operations and programs.

by posted 11/01/2014
CSA Joins NSCAA as Platinum Member Club

CSA Joins NSCAA as Platinum Member Club

CSA has joined forces with National Soccer Coaches Association of America, the largest soccer coaching fraternity in the US, to further the education of its coaching staff.  Joining NSCAA allows CSA to provide even more resources as part of its strategy to develop coaches at all levels by providing the most comprehensive training program of any club in the area.  CSA can now expand the reach of these resources more than ever before to all of its programs.

CSA Director of Coaching, Shaun Nicholson adds "As the Director of Coaching at CSA I am very excited about the partnership between NSCAA and CSA. Through education of our coaches, in conjunction with the NSCAA, we at CSA firmly believe our coaches will have the ability to develop modern soccer players. We understand that there is no shortcut to success only hard work, effort and education for both players and coaches. We see the NSCAA as an ideal partner in helping us develop the coaches we need to work with all players at all levels within our great club. I firmly believe in coaching education as a key factor in developing the right players for the future of the game in the USA."

CSA has adopted a core strategy to club development and our partnership with NSCAA, along with our other training partners, allows us to fulfill a key part of that strategy in the area of coach development. Together with new player and referee development programs, CSA will continue to offer the best soccer programs in the region.

by posted 07/28/2014
Grading Begins At CSA Park

CSA, celebrating its 30th year, is proud to announce it has begun construction of CSA Park in Prince Frederick. CSA acquired the 16 acres on Arthur King Road from funds raised for the purpose of developing and improving the sports fields in Calvert County. Final plans are to build two shortsided and two fullsided size fields on the property along with parking. The two fullsided sized fields can each be configured to accomodate two shortsided sized fields for up to six total fields available. All fields will be fully irrigated and premium bermuda grass. Lighting will be added to fields as funding allows.

The new facility will not only be used to increase the inventory of fields available to CSA members for practices and games, but will also be used for showcase events, tournaments, and other special functions.

CSA currently plans to build in two phases based on availability of funds. In an effort to accelerate those plans CSA is accepting tax deductible donations. If you would like to help please use the Field Fund Donation button, if a donation letter or other tax related information is needed it can be obtained by emailing the  .

CSA is also offering opportunities for sponsorships, if interested in these opportunities please contact the  , Mark McCormick to discuss availability. Donations of materials or services will also be considered for sponsorship opportunities.

CSA would like to thank all of its current and former members as well as the local community for helping make this dream a reality.

by posted 07/28/2014
Field Status
BG&E Field - Lusby TBD (2/13) 
Bryantown Sports Complex TBD (2/13) 
Calverton Gym - Huntingtown TBD (2/13) 
Calverton Turf Field - Huntingtown TBD (2/13) 
Calverton Veterans Field - Huntingtown CLOSED (11/29) 
Chaptico Field 1 TBD (2/13) 
Chaptico Field 2 TBD (2/13) 
Chaptico Field 4 TBD (2/13) 
Church by the Chesapeake - Port Republic TBD (2/13) 
Cove Point Park - Lusby TBD (2/13) 
CRRP Field 1 TBD (2/13) 
CRRP Field 2 TBD (2/13) 
CRRP Field 3 TBD (2/13) 
CRRP Field 4A - Great Mills TBD (2/13) 
CRRP Field 4B - Great Mills TBD (2/13) 
DDP7 - Dunkirk TBD (2/13) 
Dunkirk Park - Dunkirk TBD (2/13) 
Gray's Field - Owings OPEN (2/13) 
Hallowing Point Park - Prince Frederick TBD (2/13) 
HPP12 - Prince Frederick TBD (2/13) 
Huntingtown High School - Huntingtown OPEN (2/13) 
Old Calvert Middle - Prince Frederick TBD (2/13) 
SoccerPlex Field 18 - Boyds OPEN (2/13) 
Solomons Town Center - Dowell TBD (2/13) 
St. John Vianney - Prince Frederick TBD (2/13) 
St. Leonard Park - St. Leonard OPEN (2/13) 
Twin Shields Rec Area - Dunkirk OPEN (2/13) 
Windy Hill Elementary - Owings OPEN (2/13) 
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