Recreation Rules


2020/2021 CSA One Page Rules and Policy Guide For Recreation Soccer

  • No pets allowed at practices and/or games Except Sight Assist and approved Service Dogs.

  • Uniforms - Home Team will wear the yellow jersey, Visiting Team will wear the black jersey. Players should always bring both jerseys to every game. Shin guards are required.

  • Spectators must be on opposite side of field directly across from their team. Both teams separated by midfield.

  • No coaching from spectator side, this includes parents, family, friends, etc.

  • During a game, the coaching technical area is from the top of the goal box to midfield unless advised otherwise by the referee. Coaches may not cross midfield.

  • Two coaches per team maximum on team sideline during games. No parent/guardian, family, or friends on team side.

  • No coaches and/or spectators from corner to penalty box line or behind the goal.

  • Spectators must stay at least 6 feet off touchline.

  • Coaches must stay at least 3 feet from touchline.

  • Coaches and/or spectators are not allowed on field. Only coaches with referee permission or request.

  • Coaches are responsible for all spectator behavior. Referees will not restart a game until coach has addressed Issues.

  • The referee controls the game. The referee has the final say. They can and will send-off coaches and spectators.

  • Substitutions are allowed on any stoppage with referee permission.

U5/U6 (NO GK) (2016/2015) (4) 8 minute quarters 2-3 minutes each quarter 3 4 2 NO
U7/U8 (2014/2013) (4) 12 minute quarters 2-3 minutes each quarter 3 5 4 NO
U9/U10 (2012/2011) (2) 25 minute halves 5 - 10 minutes 4 7 5 YES
U11/U12 (2010/2009) (2) 30 minute halves 10 minutes 4 9 6 YES
U13/U14 (2008/2007) (2) 35 minute halves 10 minutes 5 11 7 YES
U15+ (2006-2002) (2) 40 minute halves 10 minutes 5 11 7 YES
  • U5/U6 - Do not play with a goalkeeper. No players allowed in Goal Arc or "Camping Out" near Goal Arc. All player on field must be actively participating in ball play.

  • U5-U8 will receive second chance to thrown in if Referee allows.

  • U5-U8 does not have "Offside".

  • No heading in U12 and below.

  • No slide tackling in any age group, including U19.

  • Defensive Player touching = PK

  • Attacking Player Touching = GK

  • All Player's play time during a game must equal at least half the game length (Some exceptions apply).

  • All age groups must report scores on website by the following Monday night after a game, including U5-U8.

  • First Point Of Contact for coaches with questions or concerns is your Age Group Commissioner.