Futures Program


  • What

    CSA Fall Futures Soccer Program (Birth year 2019-2020, U5/U6 age group) is geared towards introducing the game of soccer and helping players develop their skills in a safe and fun environment. The program is run by Adult Coaches and Helpers. The Futures Program is a coed division. The program has (6) academy style practice sessions and (6) "Festival Game Days" only.

  • When

    Players will meet for practice sessions during the week based on availability of coaches and helpers. Festival days will be held on Saturdays. Coaches will inform team of game schedule once released. Depending on registration numbers, practice regions may be combined.

  • Where

    Practices will be in the region in which you register your child for. Festival days will be held on Saturdays at Hallowing Point Park. Depending on registration numbers, certain areas may be combined.

  • How Often

    Six weeks (weather permitting). Six practice sessions and six festival games days.

  • What you need to bring

    At practices, the player will need to wear athletic attire, shin guards, athletic footwear (cleats are not required but strongly encouraged), soccer ball, and plenty of water. Players will need a uniform, shin guards, and athletic footwear (cleats are not required but strongly encouraged) for all games. Uniforms are mandatory and not included in season fees. You may purchase a uniform here if you do not have a gold and gray/black jersey kit from a previous season - CSA Mandatory 2-1-1 Kit,

  • Is my child on a set team?

    The Futures Program will place players into set groups/teams for the season. 

    On festival days, designated and CSA approved volunteer parent coaches who are assigned to a specific region pool will work with your child. Typically, 1-2 head coaches will be assigned to each group/team, with one of those coaches being designated as the RGC (Region Group Coordinator).

    We are always looking for more volunteer parent coaches!

  • What else do I need to know?

    There are no official referees at festival day games. Coaches from each region pool within each game will act as referees to ensure player safety first and foremost. Amended rules of play will be provided to coaches prior to the first weekend of festival days. Helpers might be present to assist.

    Festival days are a means in which the children will be provided an environment that encourages play over results. The groups/teams set to play against one another will see each child play in (3) 10 minute small sided 4v4 games with minimal subs on bench waiting to play per game. There will be multiple games being played simultaneously on the same field with short stoppages (5 minutes) between games in order for region pool coaches to shuffle players within their designated region. Festival "days" last about an hour. 

  • Questions

    If you have any further questions, please email futures@calvertsoccer.org