Volunteer Committees


CSA is mainly run by volunteers. We are always looking for additional volunteers with bright and new ideas to help improve the organization. If you are interested in joining one of Volunteer Committees below, please send an email to ops@calvertsoccer.org with your inquiry.

Board of Directors:
Mary Grube - CSA President - president@calvertsoccer.org
Tony Murrillo - CSA Vice President/Recreation Commissioner - recreation@calvertsoccer.org
Wil Aguliar - CSA Treasurer/Travel Vice Commissioner - treasurer@calvertsoccer.org
Dee Wilson - CSA Secretary/Futures Commissioner - futures@calvertsoccer.org
Chad Minnigh - CSA Travel Commissioner - travel@calvertsoccer.org
Mike Rubalsky - CSA Vice Recreation Commissioner - recreationvice@calvertsoccer.org
Kris Schmidt - Tykes Commissioner - tykes@calvertsoccer.org
Gary Litka - Academy Commissioner - academy@calvertsoccer.org
Lisa West - At Large Member - csaatlarge@calvertsoccer.org

Fundraising Committee:
Club - TBD
Travel - Lisa West - csaatlarge@calvertsoccer.org

Finance Committee:
Wil Aguliar - treasurer@calvertsoccer.org
Mary Grube - president@calvertsoccer.org

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Liason:
Kelly Minnigh - marketing@calvertsoccer.org

Equipment Inventory Committee:
Dee Wilson - futures@calvertsoccer.org

CSA Park & Facility Development Committee:
Chad Minnigh - travel@calvertsoccer.org

Travel Uniform Coordinator:
Lisa West - traveluniforms@calvertsoccer.org