Travel Teams Info


CSA is always looking for coaches interested in coaching in our travel program. Whether you have time to dedicate to a team, coming in as a staff coach, or have interest in specialties, such as goalkeeping, speed, fitness, etc.  please let us know.  All interested candidates should complete the google form  or submit the following information to Director of Coaching, Gary Litka, at for consideration:

  • Coaching resume to include coaching philosophy
  • Copies of all coaching licenses you have obtained
  • At least two age groups and gender you are interested in coaching


CSA is always looking to for talented and committed players to their teams.  As such, we offer rolling tryouts for those interested in stepping up to a travel team or who want a better travel environment and experience.  Please reach out to our Director of Coaching for an opportunity to join one of our teams.


2023/2024 CSA Travel Soccer Teams
Girls Teams Boys Teams
Age Group Birth Year Team Name League Age Group Birth Year Team Name League
U9 2015 Winter Tryouts  NCSL – Planned U9 2015 Cannons NCSL
U10 2014 Winter Tryouts  NCSL – Planned U10 2014 Wolves NCSL
U11 2013 Reign NCSL U11 2013 Real Madrid EDP
U12 2012 Spirit NCSL U12 2012 Three Lions EDP
U13 2011 Xtreme Gold EDP U13 2011 Thunder EDP
U13 2011 Xtreme Black NCSL U13 2011 Outlaws NCSL
U14 2010 Galaxy USYS National League U14 2010 Warriors EDP
U14 2010 Lightning EDP U17 2007/2008 Crush EDP
U15 2009 Storm EDP U19 2005/2006 United EDP
U17 2007/2008 Chaos  EDP        
U19 2005/2006 Freedom EDP