Coach Spotlight: Gunther Ohrt I Calvert Soccer Association


Coach Spotlight: Gunther Ohrt I Calvert Soccer Association

Coach Spotlight: Gunther Ohrt Inspires Young Athletes at CSA

Gunther Ohrt isn’t your average coach. He brings a passion for the game and a wealth of experience to the CSA 2010 Boys Warriors and 2015 Boys Cannons travel teams. But his coaching journey wasn’t exactly conventional. 

Let’s delve into the world of Coach Ohrt and see what makes him tick.

A Lifelong Love for Soccer

Gunther’s love for soccer started young, kicking off at age 5. By 9, he played competitively for his Cecil County team, a passion that continued through high school. College offered an opportunity to play for Harford Community College and St. Mary’s College of Maryland—however, a sophomore-year injury sidelined his dreams of a collegiate career.

One of Gunther’s favorite soccer memories is a family trip to Austria. Despite the language barrier, a friendly pick-up game transcended words, proving that the beautiful game speaks a universal language.

Finding His Calling in Coaching

While his playing career was cut short, soccer wasn’t done with Gunther. During his senior year at St. Mary’s, the then-head coach Eric Wagner saw Gunther’s potential and offered him an assistant coaching role for a CSA team. This reignited Gunther’s passion for the sport, and when his son started playing in 2015, his wife nudged him back into the coaching arena—a decision that has benefitted countless young players.

The Rewards of Coaching

For Gunther, the most rewarding aspect of coaching is witnessing the moment a player grasps a new concept. He finds immense joy in watching his players develop not just as athletes but also as young men. Having coached some players since Kindergarten, he now sees his older teams encouraging the younger ones, fostering a supportive and inspiring environment.

Building the Player, Building the Team

Gunther credits his former coach, Mr. Dave Wilson, for shaping his coaching philosophy. The emphasis on building individual players, building a cohesive team, and fostering player responsibility resonates with Gunther. He also embraces the idea of empowering players to make decisions on the field, allowing them to take ownership of the game.

Learning from the Masters

Given the chance to learn from any coach, Gunther would choose a dynamic duo. Pep Guardiola’s take on Johan Cruyff’s “total soccer” for youth development intrigues him, while a day spent with Mr. Wilson, learning his motivational techniques for teenagers, would be invaluable.

Beyond the Field

When Gunther isn’t on the soccer field, he might be unwinding with classical or Christmas music—his secret weapon for finding zen. He also harbors a passion for Austrian soccer team SK Sturm Graz. But Gunther’s hidden talent might surprise you—he’s been crafting delicious dry Italian reds for the past decade!

Words of Wisdom

Gunther urges parents to let the coaches coach and the players play. Celebrate victories, but focus on fostering a positive and fun environment. If you coach your child, remember to separate the roles of parent and coach.

For players, Gunther emphasizes that excellence comes from dedication, not just showing up for practice. Hard work on and off the field elevates a player’s game. Coaches can guide you, but the drive to improve must come from within.

Are you Interested in Coaching?

Gunther’s story is a testament to the impact coaching can have. If you’re passionate about soccer and interested in giving back to the community, consider joining the CSA coaching ranks. Contact CSA today to learn more about the opportunities available!