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U5/U6 Junior Academy


What are the age groups for the CSA Junior Rec Academy?

The CSA Junior Rec Academy is for U-5 (and U-6 in fall) players. Age groups are based off of birthyear (Ex: For 2018/2019 seasonal year, children born in 2014 or 2013 are eligible to participate).

Where are Junior Rec Academy sessions held?

Junior Academy sessions are mainly held in the central region. They might be held at multiple venues on different nights in order to give families in different geographical areas multiple options that fit their personal schedules (Ex: the 2018 Fall Season had 1 session held at Calverton Vets Field on Mondays and 1 session at BG&E Field on Wednesdays). This is all based on numbers of register players, assistants and coaches, and location availability.

Can my child attend any Junior Rec Academy session?

Yes, any child can attend either session in order to meet your family's personal needs. While you are "assigned" to a specific area, it is perfectly fine to attend a session that is not in your general geographical area.

Can my child attend multiple sessions within the same week?

Yes, your child can attend multiple Junior Rec Academy sessions within the same week. However, this is NOT suggested, as it is not typically conductive for early childhood and individual player development.

When are Junior Rec Academy sessions?

Junior Rec Academy sessions for the 2019 Spring season will start the week of (TBD) and will run for 6 sessions. Sessions will run from 5:30-6:15 pm at all venues.

What should my child bring to Junior Rec Academy sessions and when should they arrive?

All children MUST wear shin guards underneath long soccer socks of their choice. All players should arrive dressed and ready to play in appropriate athletic attire. Players will also need to bring a properly pumped size 3 soccer ball and a water bottle with their name on both items. It is highly recommended that all kids arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of each session, as sessions will start promptly at designated start time.

What is the purpose of the CSA Junior Rec Academy?

he CSA Junior Rec Academy has multifaceted goals, which support the development of players, volunteer parent coaches, and current advanced youth players who aspire to coach in the future. With the utilization of age appropriate activities and sessions, it is beneficial to not only the children, but the coaches as well.

Is my child on a set team?

The Junior Rec Academy will place players into set groups/teams for the season. (Ex: 40 players signed up to participate in the south region of Calvert county will be randomly split into 3-4 groups/teams that represent the south region).

What is a "festival day"?

Festival days are a means in which the children will be provided an environment that encourages play over results. Within these scheduled festival days, the groups/teams set to play against one another will see each child play in 3- 12minute small sided 4v4 games with minimal subs on bench waiting to play per game. There will be multiple games being played simultaneously on the same field (3-4 small sided games set up on a full-sized field for the 2 pools playing against one another). There will be short stoppages (8-10 minutes) between games in order for region pool coaches to randomly shuffle players within their designated region before commencing play yet again. Don't worry, you will be at the park for about one hour per festival day, not all day.

What are the benefits to such a structure?

More playing time and touches on the ball/ less time sitting for every child. Multiple opportunities for every child to have success and build self-confidence each and every festival day. Encourages children to adapt to different social environments on a regular basis. Kids may get to play alongside friends they normally may not get to if "fixed" teams are formed for the season.

Who coaches my child during festival days?

Designated and CSA approved volunteer parent coaches who are assigned to a specific region pool will work with your child. Typically, 1-2 head coaches will be assigned to each group/team, with one of those coaches being designated as the RGC (Region Group Coordinator). We are always looking for more volunteer parent coaches!

Do festival games have referees?

No, there will be no official referee at festival day games. Coaches from each region pool within each game will act as referees to ensure player safety first and foremost. Amended rules of play will be provided to coaches prior to the first weekend of festival days.

When will festival days start and where will they be?

For the 2020 Spring Season, festival days will start in April. All festival days will be held at Hallowing Point Park.

Any other questions that you may have that have not been addressed above may be sent to academy@calvertsoccer.org